Detroit Autorama 2013

We’re Going to Detroit Autorama Baby

Last November Murry Pfaff of Pfaff Designs invited American Resto Mods to showcase our 1966 Ford Mustang Fastback Custom in his booth at the 2013 Detroit Autorama. As you may or may not know, Autorama and World of Wheels are a series of Hot Rod and Custom Car shows produced indoors that span the US and in Canada. The Detroit Autorama is hosted by the Michigan Hot Rod Association and is traditionally the largest of the 15 or so events put on under the Championship Auto Shows umbrella.

This year’s event is particularly exciting for a few reasons: 2013 marks 10 years of being in business for Pfaff designs, and also very exciting is the 50th anniversary for one of the most prestigious awards given at a car show, The Ridler Award.

Although we won’t be putting ourselves in the running for the title of Ridler Winner, we are really flattered that Murray chose our 66 Mustang Fastback to represent his designs at such a large show, and to celebrate his 10th anniversary with him. Here is what Ralph (ARM owner) had to say about Pfaff Designs and our shops Mustang Fastback Custom build:

“As a customer, working with Murray is not only great fun, but the best insurance policy money can buy! I had a common classic muscle car that I wanted to make custom and unique, while still remaining tasteful. Being that I have absolutely NO artistic ability, I enlisted Murray for help. The process was simple and quick. I provided a few simple styling cues that I wanted incorporated into the design and he presented several ideas and concepts. He introduced color and design in ways I never could have imagined, all of them classic, tasteful and exciting—guiding me to an electric combination that created a real showstopper! I was able to continue the build knowing exactly what I was spending my money on and what the end result would be.

As a builder of custom vehicles, having Pfaff Designs produce renderings for custom builds gives us assurance knowing the client will be happy with the outcome since the rendering process removes doubt and miscommunications about the design of the final product. We won’t start a custom project without a rendering and customer acceptance.  The rendering process flushes out the real desires from the silly ideas and enables us to nail the project every time. It eliminates the re-engineering and design change process that extends the build time, increases the cost, and reduces margin.

I think anyone, customer or builder, should always start the journey of an extreme custom build with a well thought out design blueprint—and when it comes to that process, Pfaff Designs is as professional as it gets.”

The finished product!

Make sure you keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages for a few pics from the 2013 Detroit Autorama on March 8-10. And if you haven’t checked out our custom 1966 Ford Mustang Fastback gallery and story yet, please check it out. Our album contains hundreds of pics documenting the build, along with the story of how American Resto Mods got it start.

Update: We cranked the car up today! Watch the video here.

Some of Murray’s designs for our build:

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