Thanks to our Facebook fan Jimmy Lamb for this photo

Texting and Driving Kills Classic Cars

Last week, our tech’s famous 1970 Chevy Kingswood 9 Passenger was totaled by a person texting and driving. We thought it would be nice if Mike told the story in his own words:

Thanks to our Facebook fan Jimmy Lamb for this photo

I had the wagon for about 4 years. People would always ask where I found it, how I found it, when, etc. The car found me. It was purchased at an auction in Palm Springs, California along with 23 other cars of various makes and models. The shop that I worked at was suppose to go through all 24 cars, make right what had to be made right and then send them all to Norway. The wagon never made it to Norway. It was intercepted, so to speak.

No words can describe the fun my wife and I had with this car. We put it in various car shows, drove it to Walmart, the grocery store, the hardware store, etc. People always were amazed at the condition of the car. It only has 73k original miles.

What made this car so much fun was how it stirred up memories for other people! We always heard things like:

“My daddy had a wagon just like this one. We would go on fishing trips and sleep in the car.”

Others would talk about the road trips to uncle him and aunt her… going to see cousins…

Thanks to our Facebook fan Jimmy Lamb for this photo

One of the favorite subjects to talk about and for people to remember was the 3rd seat and how it faces backwards, facing the tailgate. People would sometimes ask if they could sit in the 3rd seat just to see what it was like, or to sit in it and remember sitting there when they were younger. I guess some people enjoyed seeing where they had been instead of seeing where they were going.

People talking about their memories was always the best part. Everybody had stories, and memories. Cool.

Many customers would come to the shop and not even make it to the front door before taking a look around the wagon. Out of all the cars here, the wagon got the most attention.

The accident happened earlier this week on my way home from work. I was stopped in the typical Atlanta traffic when behind me I saw a car coming up on me from a far distance. As the car got closer I saw he had his phone up and all I thought was it was another person taking a picture of the car as it has happened often. I soon realized the car was not slowing down as it approached closer. I knew what was about to happen and laid down across the front seats to brace myself for the impact. The other car slammed into the back of the wagon with a loud crunch/smack. Luckily, I came out of the accident without any major injuries, but the wagon got the most brutal injury of all. TOTALED!

The wagon will be missed of course. I had plans and dreams of various sorts for the car, as most car people do. Oh well. There is another memory maker out there somewhere.

Thanks to everyone who enjoyed seeing the car in pictures, and at shows and parking lots. Some of your memories are still safe with me.

RIP 1970 Chevy Kingswood 9 passenger! You will be missed by all.

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