School of Hotrod Radio

ARM Mentioned on School of Hotrod Radio

Last month Ralph and Mike took the shop’s 1966 Ford Mustang Fastback Custom out to the 2013 Detroit Autorama. They had the pleasure of showing off our hard work in the Pfaff Designs booth and thanks to Murray Pfaff’s invitation, we met tons of awesome people, saw countless works of art in the form of classic cars, and overall had the time of our lives out there. Even more exciting is the amount of kind words we received on Murray’s design work that we incorporated in our build, and also the amount of praise we received for the craftsmanship we put into the build itself.

Dennis Pittsenbarger from the School of Hotrod radio show did a nice little interview with Murray at the show and was one of those kind folks full of kind words.  He even gave our humble shop and car a little mention at 10:15. Thank you Murray and Dennis! We appreciate it more than you know.

Click here to listen to the show!