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Proud Sponsors of the Flowery Branch Track & Field and Cross Country Teams

American Restomods proudly supports the Flowery Branch High School’s Track and Field and Cross Country teams! Our donation will be used to build a second long-jump runway enabling the school to host larger multi-county invitational events. My oldest son ran track, so this is a cause that is near and dear to my heart.

The Flowery Branch High Track and Cross Country Team is pretty well decorated. The boys were named the 2011 AAAA State Champions and the girls were the State runners up—gracing them with the honor of achieving the highest finish in the schools history for the girl’s team.

Our sponsorship earned us an invitation to showcase our shop at one of their meets coined “Battle at The Branch Invitational” where the school will host approximately 15 teams from the Metro Atlanta Area. It is a traditional track meet featuring the traditional 16 events for track. The meet also serves as one of the school’s major fundraisers.

2011 Team

If you are interested in coming out to support a local high school, the meet will be held on March 30th and begins at 4:05 pm. You can find the rest of the details here on the event webpage. We will be the ones with the Rattlesnake ‘63 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88. So, make sure you come by to say hello.

Ramp Under Construction

One more thing before we wrap this up. I’d like to get on a short soapbox for a moment. Since my career doesn’t afford me the opportunity to cure cancer, save babies, or deliver world peace, I feel that I have a personal obligation to help others simply because I have the means. I don’t do as much as I could, or as often as I should because my new business just doesn’t lend the time for it. In the past (when I did have more time) I spent a year or so on a Habitat for Humanity crew and assisted with several houses. I’ve also been involved with the Boy Scouts for 8 years because of my own boys. I am proud to say that I’ve started three units, watched several boys reach Eagle, and I financially support the local Council.

When I’m touched by the inspiring efforts of other people doing unselfish deeds, I strongly desire to find a way to help. Writing a check is an easy way to help but not always fulfilling. I can’t wait for the day when we get the shop operating at a financial level where we can produce a significant event and support for a charity far bigger than any check we can personally write. If done right, we can pull together the shop crew, our families, and the local community in the name of something bigger than just ourselves.

That being said, American RestoMods has some ideas for an event that we are trying to pull together in the name of charity. Stay tuned for more information. At some point we will be reaching out for a few hands.