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1973 Mustang Mach 1 Convertible

This long time family pony is in for some light restoration touches and then back on the road!


1958 Ford Skyliner

This monster hardtop convertible is here for some mechanical attention!


1970 Mustang Mach 1 Restoration

This partially assembled Mach 1 is here to get the finishing touches.


1966 Mustang Maroon Coupe

This long time second owner coupe has gotten a little twisted up, so we’re going to straighten her out!

66 vert

1966 Ford Mustang Convertible

This little jewel is being converted from a 6 cylinder to a small block V8!


1958 Ford Thunderbird

Before the Big Bird became the Really Big Bird, this 58 Thunderbird is getting some maintenance so she can continue as a daily driver!

1937 Ford Hot Rod

1937 Ford Hot Rod Project Gallery

Follow along as American Resto Mods turns this classic Ford into a full blown Hot Rod. Our classic car gallery documents the entire process from beginning to end.

1965 F100 Restomod

1965 Ford F-100 Shortbed Truck

Our customers James and Alison Slone are diehard Ford Truck fans. A brand new quad cab 4×4 is the “work horse” of their equestrian lifestyle. They had always had a hankering for an old Ford pickup and when they came across this 1965 Ford F-100 Shortbed they decided to pick it up. Follow along as we turn this plain Jane 1965 Ford F-100 into a two-tone restomod. Our classic truck gallery documents the process with over 1000 photos.


1969 Ford F100 Restomod

The F-Series is a series of full-size pickup trucks from Ford Motor Company which has been sold continuously for over six decades. The most popular variant of the F-Series is the F-150. It was the best-selling vehicle in the United States for 24 years! More information coming on this 1969 Ford F-100, but for now … Continue reading 1969 Ford F100 Restomod


1966 Ford F100 Restomod

Ford introduced a dramatically new style of truck in 1961 with the fourth-generation F-series pickup. Longer and lower than the previous pickups, these trucks had increased dimensions and new engine and transmission choices. Additionally the 1961-1963 models were constructed as a unibody design with the cab and bed integrated. This proved unpopular and the F-series … Continue reading 1966 Ford F100 Restomod