Avoid Ethanol Poisoning in Your Classic Car

There are many dangers that owners of classic cars must be aware of to ensure their investment lasts for years to come. The newest danger to classic cars comes by way of the fuel pumps that are already a danger to your wallet

Ethanol has been added to gasoline for years now, but its effect on older motors has just recently be discovered to be more detrimental that originally thought. Ed Syrocki, owner of “EMS Classic Car Care”, has taken it upon himself to document the cases of fuel system contamination that were presented to him. He kept faulty fuel system parts such as fuel tanks, fuel lines, fuel pumps, and carburetors. He dissected these parts to get to the root of what ethanol actually does to your fuel system.

Ethanol acts as a solvent, that if left to sit for as little as a week can begin to dissolve plastics and create a build up of corrosion around fuel passages.  This means bad news for fuel pumps, floats, diaphragms, and jets in carbs.

So what can you do?

1) Find a gas station that offers ethanol free gasoline

2) Use of a quality fuel system cleaner

3) DRIVE YOUR CAR. Don’t let the ethanol sit in your car if you plan on not driving it for a while. Only fill your vehicle with the amount of gas you plan to use for the day.

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