American Resto Mods Sponsors Atlanta Motorsports Park

As you may or may not have heard, there is a brand new, world-class racetrack in town! It’s called Atlanta Motorsports Park and it’s slated to open next week. Oh and don’t let me forget to mention that American Resto Mods are proud new sponsors of the track. I first heard about the track back in October of 2007 after reading an article in the local paper about a new “private” racetrack being built in Dawsonville, Georgia. I’d just purchased a 2007 Mustang Shelby GT and the thought of having access to a safe place to play was intriguing.

At first, just like most people in the automotive industry, I was a little skeptical. The concept looked really cool on paper, but they had not started construction and at the time and the project seemed very expensive. Not to mention, I have several friends that have grown up the Cumming and Dawsonville area and they had their doubts. Most of them thought that it would never pass zoning or public approval. Nonetheless, I decided to follow the progress, just out of curiosity.

Come 2008, I really thought that the poor economic climate would be the death of Atlanta Motorsports Park. Local sentiment was that it remained alive due to the involvement of the Elliot family as the track was being developed on Ernie Elliot’s land. Condemning web sites started to spring up around the rezoning battle and a lawsuit was brought against the proposed track. But somehow, even through all the hardships, spearhead Jeremy Porter continued to collect sponsors and founding members.

By mid/late 2009, the lawsuit began to loose steam and by March 2010 Atlanta Motorsports Park gained full zoning and permit approval, and construction began—to the surprise of most people following the progress.

Sometime in September of 2010 I visited the track with a group tour. I was very impressed with Jeremy and what he had achieved in such a challenging economic time and in the turmoil of so many doubters and opponents. Never having driven on a racetrack, much less driven a racecar period, I was beginning to feel that this was an opportunity to join a unique and enjoyable community. I went home and shared my experience with my wife Mary, after which we decided to visit the track together.

A few weeks later, on a rainy Saturday afternoon, she and I drove up to the track. Jeremy just happened to be there and gave us a private tour of the construction site. We spent about an hour together and left Atlanta Motorsports Park that day new founding members. As time went on and the track continued to move forward, I started to think it would be a great investment to sponsor and grow with the track.

Now that it is all coming together, it seems that the development of Atlanta Motorsports Park will be an economic boom for the local economy and a tremendous asset to the motorsports community in the southeast. At American Resto Mods, we are looking forward to connecting with the automotive enthusiast and the motorsports community, and this racetrack provides an excellent means to do just that. Whether it’s the motorsports, or hotrods, or the restoration community, we are all passionate about what we do, and sharing those passions is a great way for American Resto Mods to grow our own community and vision for building amazing cars.  We also quite enjoy the fact that Atlanta Motorsports Park has also incorporated community values into their business model, so we are really looking forward to supporting those efforts too!

So, hopefully we’ll see you at the track! Looks like Mary is going to confiscate my 2007 Shelby GT for track use—which will leave me with our 1972 Datsun 240z that is currently under construction. Oh! And stay tuned for a American Resto Mods surprise for Atlanta Motorsports Park’s birthday! Coming soon!

For more info on Atlanta Motorsports Park, check out their website here.