2013 Hot Rod POwer Tour Unofficial Guide

2013 Hot Rod Power Tour Unofficial Guide

Here at American Resto Mods, we don’t just build cars…we LOVE cars. That being said, most of our free time is also dedicated to them by way of car meets, shows, and cruises. For the past 2 years, we set off on one of the biggest cruises in the country, The Hot Rod Power Tour, and we are signed up to do it again this year. As Hot Rod Power Tour Veterans, we feel it is our duty to recruit new cruisers and in order to persuade potential new cruisers, we decided to set up this 2013 Hot Rod Power Tour Guide to make it easy to find the information you will need all in one place. We hope you find it useful and motivational!


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Hot Rod Power Tour Summary
Dates and Cities
Venue Addresses, Links, and Maps
Vehicle Registration
Hotel Info
Gas Prices
Places the tour will visit
What you need to bring
Stops along the way
Southeast Caravan/Forum
Social media fun
HRPT forums and other useful links


1. Hot Rod Power Tour Summary:

The Hot Rod Power Tour is a yearly event put on by the Editors of Hot Rod Magazine. This year the Hot Rod Magazine Tour is celebrating its 19th anniversary. Coined as a rolling tribute to the performance car, and the ultimate gearhead road trip, this year’s tour will spend 7 days roaming the Southern States. The tour welcomes all makes and models of hot rods, street rods, custom trucks, sport compacts, and street machines. You can expect that about 4000-5000 cars will register for the Hot Rod Power Tour, and this doesn’t count the several thousand extra people that show up just to hang out and see what all of the fuss is about.

In short, get ready for a rolling party on hot rod wheels!

Keep in mind that you can plan on cruising for the entire 1400 miles, or if don’t think you can swing the “long haul” for any reason, you can just show up in a city near you where the Tour will be passing through.



2. Dates and Cities: 

Technically, you are on your own when it comes to getting to the first location in Arlington, TX. That doesn’t have to be the case because we are setting up a Southeast caravan to get to the first location as a group. That being said, once you have met up with “The Tour” in Texas, you can choose your own route or roll with the herd. No one will judge you either way. If you do want to follow the Tour Route, you will receive an email with turn by turn directions to each venue. It is not available yet, but we will update this post with the link when it becomes available.

Saturday, June 1: Arlington, TX
Sunday, June 2: Texarkana, AR
Monday, June 3:  Little Rock, AR
Tuesday, June 4:  Memphis, TN
Wednesday, June 5:  Birmingham (Hoover), AL
Thursday, June 6: Chattanooga, TN
Friday, June 7: Charlotte, NC



3. Venue Addresses, Links, and Maps

These are subject to change at any time. The official 2013 Hot Rod Power Tour route map has not been released yet, but we will update this post when it becomes available. For now we are just providing you with easy resources based on what we know at this time.

June 1: University of Texas, 701 S. Nedderman Dr., Arlington, TX 76019
June 2: Four States Fair, 3700 E. 50th St, Texarkana, AR 71854 (200 mi)
June 3: Arkansas State Fair, 2600 Howard St, Little Rock, AR 72206 (142 mi)
June 4: Memphis Raceway, 550 Victory Ln, Millington, TN 38053 (137 mi)
June 5: Hoover Stadium, 100 Municipal Dr, Hoover, AL 35216 (249 mi)
June 6: Chattanooga State College, 4501 Amnicola, Chattanooga, TN 37406 (156 mi)
June 7: zMAX Charlotte Speedway, 5555 Concord Pk S, Concord, NC 28027 (316 mi)
June 8: Long Haul Photo and awards (1400 miles)

Big Google Map from location to location



4. Costs:

None of your expenses will be included along the way, but all of the “venues/tours” are free to enter. Spectators are free.

Vehicle Registration: Online pre-registration is $83.50 ($80 plus $3.50 handling ) per vehicle and is available until Thursday, May 23. On-site registration is $90. You can get a one-day pass for $30 and that is available on site only.

You can click here to register your vehicle for the 2013 Hot Rod Power Tour online.

Your registration fee entitles you to a goodie bag of Hot Rod Power Tour credentials and swag that will be given to you when you check in at the first location in Arlington, TX.

Hotels: You have 2 choices when it comes to booking your room for the Tour. You can do it yourself, which lots of people do with great success, or you can do it through the Hot Rod Power Tour. Either way you choose, there will be Power Tour folks everywhere, so you won’t miss out on anything if you just book your own room.

To book with the Tour, you can either contact the Hot Rod Housing Bureau at 855-346-8354 to make your reservations or you can click here to make your Hot Rod Power Tour Hotel reservations online.

When you make your reservation, a deposit of about $12 for each room will be charged to your credit card. The hotels range from about $70-140 per night. It has been our experience that your credit card will not be charged for the balance until you arrive at the room.


Click on these links for gas prices and locations in each city:

Arlington, TX 76019
Texarkana, AR 71854
Little Rock, AR 72206
Millington, TN 38053
Hoover, AL 35216
Chattanooga, TN 37406
Concord, NC 28027

Food: Most hotels these days offer some sort of complimentary breakfast. For lunch, if you travel with the tour and visit all of the scheduled venues, you will receive a free lunch at mid-day venue location. You are on your own for dinner.



6. Places the Tour will visit:

The 2 venues that the Hot Rod Power Tour will visit each day have not been officially released yet, but generally they include very cool places like well known shops, manufacturer facilities, etc. When they are ready to release the venues, they will email you a link to the turn by turn directions to and from each venue. We will update this guide with the link when it becomes available. They generally send it out a few weeks before departure time.



7. What to bring:

This is a very casual event. Comfort is king here! Most people are wearing shorts and t-shirts. Comfortable shoes are a must since you are bound to do a good bit of walking each day. Also, don’t forget your sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses! It’s going to be summer in the South and that means tons of sun.

Keep in mind that The Hot Rod Power Tour is not your typical parking lot car show where you sit in your lawn chair by your car. Typically people take their chairs into the venue (away from the cars) and put them in front of the stage. They then walk around the mid-way (vendor area) gathering the swag of the day. It can be quite a bit of walking and standing to take in the entire venue.



8. Stops along the way:

You have 2 choices here: stay with the Tour and visit the locations set up through them or pave your own road! Plenty of people do both. We usually stay on the tour route and we always have plenty to see and stop many times each day to check out our surroundings. There isn’t any pressure to hurry or keep a schedule. The planned venue at the end of each day winds down about 5:00 or 6:00. This is when everyone heads to their hotel and plans where to meet up for dinner. Everywhere you go (on route or off) is filled with folks on the Tour. That being said, we never felt crowded or over run, or unable to get to a venue.



9. Caravan/Forum

American Resto Mods is planning a Southeast caravan to the first stop in Arlington. If you are interested in joining us, sign up for our forum here and jump in on the planning discussion. You can also just email us at info@americanrestomods.com to be sent emails with details and updates on our caravan. Just make the email title “Southeast Caravan” and we will add you to our email list.

The more the merrier!!



10. Social Media Fun:

We will be using Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter along the way. Facebook and Instagram are a perfect platform for picture sharing. No better way to make your friends jealous that they missed out on the Tour than to flood them with pics of thousands of cool cars everywhere!

Twitter was made for occasions like this. If you have found it hard to see what all of the Twitter hype is about, now is your change to realize its use. If you want to follow the conversation on Twitter, just use and search for the hashtag #hrpt.

You will find the platform pretty useful for a lot of things in addition to making conversation. If you break down or get lost Twitter is a good place to look for help. Twitter can be a good place to find out about locations to visit while you are in a certain town, yummy places to eat, and where everyone is meeting up later. Twitter also serves as a perfect place to share your Tour sightings as they happen.

Here is a nice short video on how to use Twitter.

Follow us at @amerrestomods and here is a list of other people to follow while you are at it (mix of companies, celebrities, and regular folks we follow). Remember #hrpt is the magic hashtag:

Hot Rod Magazine
Chevrolet Performance
Coker Tire
Royal Purple
Rutledge Wood
Morgan Osbaldeston
Bill Goldberg
Optima Batteries
Berry Lowman
Sean Loh
Mothers Polish


11. HRPT Forum and Other Useful Links

Hot Rod Power Tour official press release
Hot Rod Power Tour official forum
Bangshift HRPT unofficial forums
HRPT Facebook event
Pessimist Guide to the HRPT


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