2013 Hot Rod Power Tour Wrap Up

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Every year, for 19 years, Hot Rod Magazine has been organizing the Hot Rod Power Tour. Coined as a rolling tribute to the performance car, and the ultimate gearhead road trip, this year’s tour spanned 7 days roaming the Southern States. 2013 marked the third year on The Power Tour for American Resto Mods and boy was it a doozy!

Ralph and Mary heading our for the 2012 Power Tour

Back in 2011 Mike and Ralph took on the long haul. They had a really good time but with the shop picking up steam someone had to stay back and hold the fort down when the 2012 Hot Rod Power Tour came around. So, Ralph decided to give the gift of the Power Tour long haul to his wife Mary for their 22nd anniversary. She was ecstatic and the rest is history!

Sikes family and company

They enjoyed it so much together that for some CRAZY reason they thought bringing the entire Sikes family (including some friends of the kids) would be a good idea for the 2013 Hot Rod Power Tour. Adding to the pandemonium, American Resto Mods had to get not 3, but 4 automobiles ready for the cruise across the Southeast. Oh, forgot to mention one tiny little detail. The 4th automobile just happened to be a 1949 Stepvan lovingly named Kurbmaster, owned by none other than Rutledge Wood, co-host of Top Gear on History, and well-known personality on Speed for NASCAR.

Rutledge Wood and his 49 Stepvan (and friends)

Overall, it was an amazing experience…and probably the most successful Hot Rod Power Tour to date for American Resto Mods. We reigned in a ton of media attention over the Rutledge Wood 49 Stepvan, and we killed 2 birds with one stone by bringing the entire family on the tour for our “family vacation.” We even had one of the editors from Hot Rod Magazine ride along with us from Memphis to Birmingham. Talk about a full house! At least we had plenty of people around to keep her entertained.


This year was the first that we didn’t finish the long haul. We ended up bailing after Birmingham because it rained for most of the tour and it was seemingly getting worse as the days went on. So, in the name of keeping the kids who were driving safe, we hightailed it home and put the cars in the garage.

Links and Summary

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Cars we drove:


  • Ralph (Stang)
  • Mary (Olds)
  • Nick (El Camino)
  • Rutledge Wood (49 Stepvan)


  • Will (age 18)
  • Joe (age 15)
  • Kate (age 11)
  • Charlotte (age 11)

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