1974 AMC Jeep CJ-6

The CJ-6 was simply a 20-inch longer-wheelbase CJ-5. Introduced in 1955 as a 1956 model, the CJ-6 was never very popular in the United States and most were sold to Sweden and South America. The U.S. Forest Service put a number of CJ-6 Jeeps in to use. American sales ended in 1975 and just 50,172 had been made when the series went out of production completely in 1981. Former President Ronald Reagan owned a CJ-6 and used it on his California Ranch.

This little V8 jeep was purchased in Texas and now resides in Atlanta. It is in great overall condition and is being brought back to reliable and safe operation.

1974 CJ-6 Square Back
1974 CJ-6 Square Back
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