1969 Yellow Corvette Restoration

1969 Corvette Roadster Restoration

As they say, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” In this case, the treasure now belongs to a lady.  About 8 years ago, this classic 1969 Daytona Yellow Corvette Roadster was purchased at Barrett Jackson Scottsdale as a good original auto—and by good we mean a good 10-footer.


69-corvette-body-work  60-corvette-base-coat  painting-69-corvette

The restoration process began soon after the auction (by another shop). The owner left a lot of the build choices to the shop. For some reason, that shop decided to source a non-original 350 cu in engine, which was them farmed out for a rebuild. It seems that shortly after the farmed engine rebuild the project sat stagnant for a few years.


Many cars that end up here share a familiar story: a shop starts the work, but for one reason or another can’t finish the job. Interestingly enough, American Resto Mods was born from a similar story. You can read more about that here. Maybe that is why we have become so good at saving the day. Which is fine by us, because we love playing hero.

69-vette-engine-rebuild  1969-corvette-engine-rebuild

The only thing our customer ever wanted out of her 69 Corvette was a nice looking daily driver. Any by golly, that is what she ended up with when we were finished with it.  We kept as much as we could, refurbished it, rebuilt it, and replaced what we couldn’t. Then we topped it off with a fresh Daytona Yellow paint job.


69-corvette-daytona-yellow  1969-corvette-daytona-yellow  69-vette-daytona-yellow

Fast Facts

Drivetrain and Suspension:

  • front suspension kit
  • rear trailing arm rebuild kit and rear spring bushings
  • shock absorbers front and rear
  • 350 small block tune up
  • found a correct 4bbl carb
  • automatic turbo 350 transmission was resealed
  • gasket and filter kit was installed
  • rear differential was drained and new 80-90 gear oil added with posi friction additive

Dressy Stuff:

  • new convertible top with the top frame being refurbished
  • stock radio was sent out for solid state upgrade to be two channel AM – FM stereo with a I-Pod input jack
  • stock interior was kept and tidied up

Paint and Body:

  • sand stripped the body using machine sanders and hand sanders versus using a chemical stripper that would harm the original fiberglass body
  • blocked and base coat
  • painted in correct Daytona Yellow
  • clear coat
  • blocked again to achieve a slick smooth finish
  • careful attention to panel gaps being consistent and tight


1969 Corvette Roadster
1969 Corvette Roadster
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