1969 Oldsmobile Cutlass S Convertible

When our customer was 13 his older sister’s boyfriend had a 1969 Oldsmobile Cutlass Convertible. Back then, the Cutlass was on it’s way to becoming the most popular nameplates of the time. As a result, having a Cutlass drop top of his very own never left his mind. When the time finally came, he chose American Resto Mods to help make his boyhood dreams come true!

This 1969 Cutlass S convertible project starts with a complete tear down. The frame will come of, and along with the suspension parts, will get dressed in black gloss powder coat.

The original engine has received a good news compression test and will be resealed, oil pan and all, and repainted the Oldsmobile Gold. It will also be dressed up with a pair of new upscale valve covers, four-barrel intake manifold and carburetor. Additionally, The Cutlass will be upgraded a tad with headers and duel exhaust. The transmission performs well and won’t require an overhaul, instead it will be checked, resealed, and painted silver.

The body will be installed on a rotisserie and sent out for media blasting. When the body returns, we’ll all see it naked, then develop an estimate and plan our rust repair plan of attack.
Stay tuned as we follow up on the naked body, powder coated chassis, and all new poly graphite suspension bushings arrive.

One thing to note is this customer owns a few car washes and it is imperative that when this car is finished, it can take its bath by running through the car wash!

1969 Cutlass S Convertible
1969 Cutlass S Convertible
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