1966 Ford F100 Restomod

Ford introduced a dramatically new style of truck in 1961 with the fourth-generation F-series pickup. Longer and lower than the previous pickups, these trucks had increased dimensions and new engine and transmission choices. Additionally the 1961-1963 models were constructed as a unibody design with the cab and bed integrated. This proved unpopular and the F-series reverted to a traditional separate cab/bed design in 1964.
In 1965 the F-series was given a significant mid-cycle redesign. A completely new platform, including the Twin-I-Beam front suspension, was introduced that would be used until 1997. Additionally that year, the Ranger name made its first appearance on a Ford truck; previously a base model of the Edsel, it was now used to denote a high-level styling package for F-Series pickups.

This truck arrived sitting on a partially modified Corwn Vic chassis, with an Explorer rear diff and a 5.0L engine. She’s here to be sorted and completed.

1966 F 100 Ford Pick up
1966 F 100 Ford Pick up
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