1965 F100 Restomod

1965 Ford F-100 Shortbed Truck

In 1948 Ford Motor Company released its first new truck since before WWII. Billed as a “Bonus Built” truck, the Ford F-series lineup was advertised essentially as a living room on wheels. The plush interior boasted of more room than any Ford truck ever, the ride was smooth, the engine was powerful, and the fuel economy was admirable.

The Ford F-series formula is one that has lasted over 60 years and 14 generations. Impressively, in all 6 decades there has never been a break in production and it seems there isn’t one planned. Perhaps the incessant production is the reason the Ford F-series has become synonymous with the American work ethic. For 17 years Ford’s Ford F-Series trucks were the best selling vehicles in the United States. The F-150 (the series’ half-ton truck) still retains a title it’s held for over thirty years as America’s favorite pickup truck.

Our customers James and Alison Slone are diehard Ford Truck fans. A brand new quad cab 4×4 is the “work horse” of their equestrian lifestyle. They always had a hankering for an old Ford pickup and when they came across this 1965 Ford F-100 Shortbed they decided to pick it up (no pun intended). Although they enjoyed the body style of the ’65 F-100, this one needed some bodywork. The pair decided to go for the gusto with a full tear down and frame off restoration. They also turned it up a notch by adding in a few modern amenities, turning this plain Jane white pickup into a two-tone showstopper.

Fast Facts and Upgrades:

  • Powder coated chassis and suspension
  • New TCIC6 automatic transmission
  • Original 352 FE V8 motor, cleaned, painted and chrome dress up kit
  • Power steering
  • Custom leather bucket seats with console
  • All vinyl interior panels
  • Autometer Gauges
  • Upscale Sony radio and speakers
  • Vintage Air
  • New windshield, all other glass original
  • Polish all original trim
  • Re-chromed front and rear bumpers
  • Slick two-tone paint (True Blue/Performance Blue year 2005, and Silver Metallic)
  • Old time pin stripping on hood and tailgate done in house
  • This project took about 8 months
1965 Ford F-100 Shortbed
1965 Ford F-100 Shortbed
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