1960 Ford Thunderbird Collision Repair

58 Ford Thunderbird 4 Passenger

The Ford Thunderbird is an American automotive icon first introduced in 1955. The ‘T-Bird’, as it is often called, would survive eleven model generations spanning from 1955 through 2005. Initially introduced in response to the Corvette (Chevrolet’s brand new sports car) the T-Bird created a market niche that would become known as the ‘personal luxury car’. The Thunderbird, though similar, was different in many ways to the Corvette and the rest of the small sports cars being offered. The main focus of this car was fit and finish and overall luxury in a more compact and nimble car. The Thunderbird was considered compact in comparison to full sized cars, but was certainly not small enough to be considered a true sports car. To this day, the Thunderbird maintains the classification of a personal luxury car, having never been designed as a true sports car.

Our Customer's 1960 Ford Thunderbird

Our customer’s car is a 1960 Ford Thunderbird Convertible. Enthusiasts affectionately call this second generation ‘Squarebird’ due to their unique square shape, which made them very different from the first generation Thunderbird. For many car buffs of the day, the Ford Thunderbird lost all of its appeal when the last of the two-passenger models were produced in 1957. However, for Ford Motor Company, the introduction of the 1958 Thunderbird was a cash cow from day one. When the last 1960 Ford Thunderbird rolled off the Wixom assembly line in September 1960, a total of 198,146 Squarebirds had been produced. That’s a ratio of better than three to one when compared to the two-passenger units from 1955 to 1957.

Today the Squarebird is now considered a milestone car that is excitedly sought out by collectors. Most popular are the convertibles, with the 1960 model being the most highly prized due to its unique styling, dependable mechanics, and interesting features, most notably the automated top mechanism.

The Interior in Our Customer's 1960 Ford Thunderbird

Our customer has been the proud owner of this 1960 Thunderbird for about 15 years. Recently, this unlucky bird was involved in a bit of a fender bender…with an oak tree. No one was hurt, but the bird is feeling the pain. She’ll be sorted and made right and returned to her loving family in no time!


Thankfully thee are two great inventions that will serve these guys well—the internet (where they found American Resto Mods) and insurance!!! This is probably a good time to let you know that we have worked with and developed an excellent rapport with many of the well-known auto insurance companies. If you should ever have an accident in your classic car, we are here to walk you through it with your insurance company every step of the way. Not to mention, we are sort of experts in not only restorations, but also collision repair.

Now that we got that little sales pitch out of the way, let’s have some fun with a 1960 Ford Thunderbird Commercial.

And as we often do, we found this awesome link that gives you all of the originality specifications for a Ford Thunderbird restoration. We hope you enjoy and find it useful. Stay tuned to find out how this project turns out. I have a feeling we will be adding some before and after pics shortly.

UPDATE: 10-24-12
Bad News! The Insurance company has decided to total this T-Bird. Oh well, maybe it will server as needed parts for all the other survivors out there!!

1960 Ford Thunderbird
1960 Ford Thunderbird
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