1938 Lincoln Sedan Model K Limousine

This 3 Window sedan originally sported a V12 engine and was one of 49 cars built with this configuration. By 1938 sales of ‘big’ Lincolns had slowed significantly; only 416 cars were sold that year – spread among 20 body styles from the factory as well as custom body builders.

This car was taken to a restoration shop over four years ago and was lost for 2.5 years after the shop failed and when out of business. Recently found, she is on her way to being restored but will retain a modern V8 and drive train for drivability.

The owner of this beauty isn’t quite ready to start this project, so she’ll go home for a while and hopefully return one day for a cool restomod treatment!!

1938 Lincoln Limousine
1938 Lincoln Limousine
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