1934 Ford

1934 Ford Coupe Hot Rod

A hot rodders ride is never finished. It’s a labor of love that never dies. Thankfully, when it comes to building a 1934 Ford Coupe Hot Rod the possibilities are endless (aside from the fact that the Model B came in 14 different body options from the factory). Nowadays, you don’t need original parts to build the hot rod of your dreams. Ford Coupe replica parts, including body and frame, are aplenty and can often be found for a third of the cost of an original Ford coupe (depending on the options). Of course, if you can find an intact example of a ’34 Ford, you are pretty much a god because this body style is extremely rare and subsequently popular with street rodders and classic car collectors alike.

This 1934 Ford Model B three-window coupe came to us as a full blown hot rod, but as we mentioned before, the labor of love is one that never dies and when/if it does, in fact, die…it wants to die pretty! So it shows up here for paint repair on the hood and front fender. This mini-project is a fine example of our range of services. We can create a hot rod built to your specs from the ground up, or we can give yours a little touch up here and there when she needs it—and while we are at it, we promises to treat her like we would our own grandma.

1934 Ford
1934 Ford
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